Light and compact with its 4 kg all inclusive, it allows you to keep your strength and your hands free to carry baby or other things. Well suited for city dwellers looking for serenity!

You can obviously transport it in a car trunk, even a small one, because Naos is discreet and knows how to stay in its place. Also easy to place in a roof box for the holidays! Everything is possible with Naos to help you move with your child.

This  clever and folding baby bed  is really the ideal accessory to accompany all your outings with family or friends. Perfect for meals with your loved ones, Naos unfolds and folds instantly, no more puzzles. The Naos ultra-light travel cot is easy to install in any interior. You can now fully enjoy the atmosphere and the present moment instead of fighting with an unintelligible notice. If your child begins to fall asleep, then he will be comfortably installed less than a minute later, on a soft  memory foam mattress .

This travel bed is well suited for indoor use, placed on a carpet for example or on our soft blanket for an even more cocooning atmosphere in winter.

Its sleek and "go anywhere" design will elegantly match any occasion. With its roof and garland, the  Naos lightweight and compact travel cot instantly transforms into a cabin and play area for baby to have fun.

As it is light, even when mounted, it can move around the room very easily. Then, when it is folded in its cover, it is ultra compact!  Indispensable for all those who lack space in cupboards.

The Naos baby bed will also seduce grandparents with its light weight and ease of use. Comfortable and very practical, Naos is the best portable bed for babies  and parents!