Naos travel cot

Do you have a Naos Travel Cot product manual?
How can I clean the Naos cot mattress cover?

The mattress is encased in a protective cover which is removable for machine washing at 30°. Just pull the zipper to open the cover.

The mattress foam can be washed with plain water (with a sponge or in the bathtub).

Please note: we have deliberately removed the zipper attachment. This is so that we can meet a requirement of the standard which requires that the child doesn’t have access to the foam. So when you want to remove your mattress, you can use a small metal paperclip-like object to help you.

What’s the difference between the Naos cot from Escape and the Naos cot from Babymoov?

The difference only relates to the color: Coral for the brand “Escape Lifestyle” and Turquoise for the brand “Babymoov by Escape Lifestyle”.

Where to find Naos bed cot?

You can find Naos: 

- for the Escape version:  on our site 

- for the Babymoov by Escape version: from our store resellers

- Or online: on your keyboards! 

Is my baby safe in the Naos bed? Is the Naos bed stable and solid?

Our design offices have set the highest standards of safety and quality. We have passed our equipment the most severe and recent tests in force, certified to French and European standards. Because at Escape, we believe that security is not negotiable. 

NF EN 716-1 + A1: 201 certification by the National Testing Laboratory. 

You may see a bit of play when handling NAOS. This is completely normal and linked to the joints intended for folding and unfolding. This has no impact on security. 

Up to what age can you use the Naos bed?

We estimate that you will be able to put your child to sleep until he is approximately 4 years old: The first times you will need to use NAOS closed to keep him safe. Then thanks to its opening on the side you will extend its use beyond the acquisition of mobility.

We can even imagine using NAOS beyond the age of 4: the cabin roof will make it its playmate even far beyond!

There is no child weight limit for using NAOS. On the other hand, it is recommended to no longer use it in the closed position when the child begins to want to step over it, to limit the risk of accident. It will then be time to use it in the open position.

Is the mattress comfortable, does it look thin?

The mattress was specially designed by our partner Babymoov, a recognized expert in mattress quality. The comfort is unequaled on this range, with a memory foam offering a softness and a distribution of the pressure on the body of the child of the best level.

And the thickness is deliberately contained, so that the NAOS bag remains among the most compact on the market, optimal to facilitate your family trips.

The mattress is placed on the floor, won't my baby be cold?  

The mattress cover has been specially designed for this: the ventilated 3D mesh allows an insulating layer to be made on the mattress. The bottom of the bed is made with a waterproof and breathable technical membrane which provides additional insulation against cold and humidity.

In particularly cold floors, it is recommended to isolate the mattress from the floor (floor mat, blanket or other), and to ensure that the child has protection adapted to the temperature of the room.

We have taken up the sleeping concept of certain countries (in Asia for example), where the sleeping arrangements are on the ground, per crop.

Can the Naos bed be used as a main bed?

Yes, you should remember to ventilate the sleeping area as well as the mattress during intensive use (to avoid the accumulation of moisture under the mattress).

Can Naos be used for professional use?

It is specified that people wishing to use it for professional use do so under their own responsibility, and are invited to check and comply with the regulations in force at the time of use.

What is the opening on the NAOS side for?

We have designed a large opening on the side of NAOS, to allow you the following uses: 

- drop off and pick up your child from the side in an ergonomic position (straight back and knees bent) and thus avoid back pain caused by repeated poor postures

- allow you to go to bed near your children and reassure them while they fall asleep. No need to hold her hand from the top of the bed. And you also avoid waking him up when you put him down when he is asleep ...

- If you wish, you can secure the room where NAOS is located, and let your child get out of his bed according to his will, guiding him towards autonomy (Montessori). This is possible thanks to its mattress structure placed on the floor