The brand

What does Escape Lifestyle mean?

Our mission is to allow you to live the life you love to the full, to be yourself, here, now and together with others. Put simply, to live as a family. Escape Lifestyle means “breaking free of the constraints” of being parents. To help you ensure that your kids remain a joy to be shared, not an obstacle to your freedom. Because you like to travel, explore and share, and help your kids discover the wonders around them. We’ve designed these travel products for you, and also with you.

What is the Escape Lifestyle mission?

To simplify family life with practical equipment to offer new opportunities for traveling with
your kids.

Travel, move, discover, meet, play sports. So that parents and kids can thrive together.

Escape offers innovative childcare equipment, optimized for use on the move: light, compact
and practical. Our products are intended to keep a low profile to let you savor the present

Why is the cot called “Naos”? . . .

Naos is the name of a star. At Escape, we wanted this cot to be the symbol of a bright point
in the night, a place where kids are carried by dreams, where they can feel good.

To us, the star also symbolizes a journey: the shepherd’s star which guides travelers and
navigators through the night.

Naos wants to put stars in the eyes of parents and their kids!

What is the difference between Escape Lifestyle and Go Free?

Go free is the name of the company, which designs, manufactures and distributes the products of the Escape Lifestyle brand.