Means of payment

Our payment is secure and uses SSL technology.

The CUSTOMER can pay for its SERVICES online using the means offered by the SERVICE PROVIDER:

With Visa / Mastercard and Amazon Pay.

The CLIENT guarantees the SERVICE PROVIDER that he holds all the authorizations required to use the chosen means of payment.

The SERVICE PROVIDER will take all the necessary measures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of data transmitted online as part of online payment on the SITE.

It is therefore specified that all information relating to payment provided on the SITE is transmitted to the SITE bank and is not processed on the SITE.

Payment date

The CLIENT's account will be debited as soon as the SERVICES order is placed on the SITE.

Delay or refusal of payment

If the bank refuses to debit a card or other means of payment, the CUSTOMER must contact the SERVICE PROVIDER's Customer Service in order to pay for the order by any other valid means of payment.

In the event that, for any reason whatsoever, opposition, refusal or other, the transmission of the flow of money owed by the CLIENT proves impossible, the order will be canceled.