Launch of the new baby bouncer for the french days!

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Launch of the new baby bouncer for the french days!

What better time to tell you about this launch that you have been waiting for, during the French Days! It's an opportunity for us to showcase our know-how and innovations during this period which promotes French initiatives, with special offers for customers.

The launch of our Nuaj® baby bouncer for pre-order will therefore take place on Friday 24 September 2021, the first day of the French Days and a very symbolic one for us. 

A brand story that starts with nomadism

When we created Escape Lifestyle, we wanted to launch practical and above all ultra-lightweight products for traveling everywhere with baby.

Indeed, the Naos® bed allowed us to travel in the cabin (depending on the airline), and our products were very popular with parents who were traveling. 

And which evolves to simplify everyday life with baby!

Over time, our products and our customers have evolved. Beyond nomadism, our products are first and foremost versatile, for easy use on a daily basis, inside and outside, whatever the constraints. The Naos® bed makes it possible to pay an impromptu visit to the family, or to sip virgin mojitos with friends with baby comfortably installed, the possibilities are endless. 

Happy and relaxed parents allow the child to develop in a serene environment that is conducive to its balance. 

We have all evolved in our own way to deal with this particular period, to travel less far, enjoy our loved ones and rediscover more pleasure in simple things. The Naos® bed is the perfect answer to all these everyday uses. 

This is why we feel that the current context is relatively favorable for the launch of Nuaj®, our new baby and the latest addition to Escape Lifestyle: the world's lightest and most compact bouncer! 

Nuaj is the world's most compact and lightweight baby bouncer

# Super compact 

Folded into its bag, Nuaj® has the dimensions of a 1.5L bottle. It fits in a backpack, a changing bag, some handbags etc.. It can also be worn on the shoulder for added convenience. 

# Practical

A real innovation, it can even be attached to a baby carrier, pram or other support with its removable strap! At Escape Lifestyle, we believe that parents need to keep their hands free to carry baby or other belongings, but to keep their freedom of movement! 

# Ultra light

Its featherweight of 1.2kg makes it an extraordinary ally for all outings and all modes of transport: no more full trunks in the car for every trip with baby. Aware that parents are already very tired when baby arrives, with a back that is often badly damaged for mothers, we have designed Nuaj® to take care of the parents too!

# Easy to use

Nuaj is a real innovation with its ingenious system of intuitive clips, which allow it to be assembled and disassembled in the blink of an eye and carried absolutely everywhere. These clips resemble those on a child's schoolbag, making Nuaj® child-friendly and fun to assemble.

Nuaj® is a minimalist, aesthetic and unadorned baby chair that can be adapted to any environment. Its next version will also be compatible with an anti UV roof and a mosquito net like the Naos bed. 

Promote French production channels, including textiles, thanks to the made in France concept!

Our Nuaj® baby bouncer is made in France: the structure is manufactured near Clermont Ferrand and the fabric is made in a rehabilitation centre in Avignon. 

Nuaj® has all the assets to seduce you, just like its twin, the Naos® bed, which has already convinced you. With an average score of 9.7/10 on our site, including 96% 5* reviews, we can say that you were unanimously won over. Because our customers say it best, and while waiting for future testimonials on Nuaj, click on the link to discover all the detailed reviews on our products

About the name Nuaj

Why the name Nuaj? Because we wanted to evoke the lightness and the world of dreams at hand for parents with babies. For us, Nuaj evokes softness, the fluffy and cozy aspect, cocooning. The white of the cloud signifies purity and simplicity, in keeping with the minimalist lines of the product. All the codes that we wanted to find in Nuaj, designed to encourage children's discoveries.

Nuaj is the bouncer that makes you want to make a baby again!

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