Babymoov's Naos bed: what partnership with Escape?

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Babymoov's Naos bed: what partnership with Escape?

Babymoov distributes the Escape Lifestyle baby bed

Escape lifestyle (Go Free) is a young brand, whose president and founder Nicolas Brun invented the Naos bed. As a young father, so to speak :), he could not find any travel cot on the market that corresponded exactly to his needs for his children. He therefore chose to invent his own bed, developing all the aspects and tricks that he felt were essential to simplify parents' lives. 

The Naos bed also takes the "best" of other baby travel beds, and proudly displays its uniqueness. The parents who use it say it is "innovative and ingenious"! Then, during a meeting with Babymoov, a great opportunity arose. We developed a partnership to accelerate the growth of our project and entrusted the distribution of the Naos bed to Babymoov. We were thus able to develop new markets and market the Naos bed in the United States and Canada at the end of 2020.

What is the difference between the Naos by Escape Lifestyle bed and the Naos by Babymoov bed? 

This is a question that comes up very regularly from our customers and internet users who can't see the difference at the point of sale.  Both beds are manufactured in the same place, but with different options. 

The Naos by Escape Lifestyle bed is distinguished by its coral colour, the colour of its red roof and, above all, an integrated mosquito net. This makes our version of the bed more suitable for outdoor use. That's why the Naos bed is also available in some shops, like Decathlon or Au Vieux Campeur. 

Why is the roof of Naos red vs. blue?

We chose red because it reminds us of the roof of the house and the colour of the bricks. The Naos bed becomes your child's favourite little hut! The red of the roof also matches the coral colour that regularly appears in our Escape Lifestyle brand communication. 

2020, a record year for Babymoov

In a global childcare market that is still buoyant, but down by 2%, the Clermont-Ferrand-based company has done better than its best. In 2020, it signed a record year, with +15%, and exceeded the €55 million turnover mark that the company had been struggling with for some time. At the heart of the group's new strategy: innovation and international expansion in China and the US. And yet, here again, this success made in the USA was not self-evident if we look back only two years. " 

Established in 2016 the US subsidiary has had two initial financial years with a large deficit. For a company that had long been cash-fragile, the blow was almost fatal. As is often the case in international business, everything has to be rethought from the ground up in order to adapt to the customer base. The company corrected its mistakes, made its mark in the US and even made the ambitious choice to create new markets, such as with the multifunction robot. Babymoov already has its own subsidiaries in Europe (Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain). The American success has fuelled the idea of growing at the other end of the world, in Asia and in particular through its establishment in Hong Kong.

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