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Have you just given birth and even if the role of mom enchants you, getting back into shape is essential? In fact, in order to build muscle or lose weight, resuming sport after the baby arrives often becomes vital. Perhaps you were even one of the 84% of women  who regularly practice sport before giving birth  But do not resume physical activity any way: we tell you everything!


Taking time is important


You cannot resume sport immediately after giving birth. You will have to be patient. Whether you gave birth by vaginal delivery or by cesarean, the path to perineal rehabilitation is mandatory. Thus, it will be your midwife, or your gynecologist, who can authorize you to return to build muscle. The deadlines vary according to each. Generally, by vaginal route, you will begin your rehabilitation 2 months after childbirth and continue with 10 sessions maximum. If you gave birth by cesarean, you will have to wait until your scarring in your belly is well restored. It may take a little longer. But finally, about 3 months after giving birth, you can start to get back in shape. With exercises to strengthen the perineum, indirectly, you gently tone your abs. It is the very fine start of your sporting recovery.


Resume slowly, it's essential


That's it, you can resume sport after the arrival of baby! But be careful, whether indoors or on your own, you have to start again gently. The risks of urinary leakage, or worse of organ descent are still current. For a solo sport, start with swimming, cycling or walking. You will solicit your body calmly. For indoor sports, postural yoga will be ideal. You will try again, but with much less risk. You can also reproduce the postures at home again, especially for breathing exercises. Do not exceed 30 minutes per session at the start. The ligaments and muscles of your abdominal strap are toned again 6 months after childbirth. Above all, avoid all sports with jumps and rebounds.


Why not practice with your baby?


It may be difficult to leave your child, or even impossible if you have not yet found a childcare arrangement. Likewise, if you are breastfeeding, resuming sports can be difficult. So there are solutions for playing sports with your baby. All alone, prefer walking in a stroller. Do not hesitate to place your baby in a baby sling or baby carrier. Be careful, however, to tighten your perineum when trying with your little one against you. Then, if you wish, there are post-natal indoor yoga classes where you can take your child. This consists of resuming yoga gently, with postures that will calmly strengthen your abs, and your back. Your baby, lying next to him on a basket, will feel good energy and will calm down as much as you.


Equip yourself properly to avoid getting hurt


Whether the sport is new to you or whether you practice it before baby arrives, you must buy the necessary equipment. Indeed, with pregnancy, your body has changed, even for those who have gained very little weight. Your breasts, for example, must be well protected. Especially if you are still breastfeeding. Do not neglect your equipment even if you resume sport gradually. A bra that properly supports your chest will be ideal. Your feet and your center of gravity have changed. A new pair of sneakers will be better, because you will feel less shock. Finally, if you return to sport at home, using a sports coach, for example, do not hesitate to put your baby on his Naos bed. Easy and quick to transport in the living room or the garden,


Resume sport, the latest tips


You are ready to go, so you have the agreement of your midwife. But again, take care of yourself all the same. So, to find a "flat" belly, do not chain the abdominals called "crunches". Go easy. Always remember to tighten your perineum, so you will also pay attention to your back, which could risk widening. Don't give yourself inaccessible goals. You may be frustrated at not succeeding, and again hurt yourself. If you don't want to go to the gym, do some simple exercises but avoid the videos on the internet. You will not have the same approach as with a real coach who will be able to tell you if you are doing the movement well or not. Finally, as the sports coach and blogger, Lucile Woodward would say: “The problem with sport is the 5 minutes before being there! Once launched, you will no longer want to stop! "

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