Notice to outdoor enthusiasts and backpackers who want to share moments outside with baby. The Naos nomad baby bed is the ideal bed for all your picnic outings, your walks in the park or even to go camping ... Seasoned sportsmen or unconditional fans of napping in a hammock, the Naos  travel bed will find its place by your side to delight baby in nature.  

Its mosquito net integrated into the amount of the bed will protect it from mosquitoes and other small insects. Its anti UV SPF50 roof will protect it from the sun, to enjoy the holidays in complete safety. 

The  Naos light and compact umbrella bed  is the perfect companion for your camping stays: space-saving during the trip, it leaves room for the rest of the equipment in your vehicle. You can install it on the terrace of your bungalow, in a tent etc ... Enjoy your meals outside while baby sleeps peacefully with you, in the shade of the trees. 

The ease of assembly and disassembly of the  folding  Naos baby bed will allow you to move it as you wish during your stay, even when it is already unfolded! 

You can also use it at the beach, so that baby is well settled and in the shade thanks to the roof of the bed (outside the hottest hours). And thanks to the high-comfort insulating blanket that you can slide underneath exit the grains of sand and dirt.

Open the central slide and transform this travel cot into a cabin . A shaded and playful playground thanks to its roof and the garland of Georges as a getaway.


At Escape-Lifestyle, no compromise between lightness and comfort! Wherever you go, the Noas Original and Noas Air mattresses will respect the comfort of your little one. This  all-terrain travel cot  will follow you on your getaways and help create unforgettable moments with your child. 

Comfortable and very practical, Naos is the best portable bed for babies  and parents!