The Naos lightweight and compact travel cot perfectly meets the needs of families, whether adventurers or city dwellers. With this nomadic baby bed, the stress of traveling with a toddler is over!

  • Compact, it easily stores when not in use and takes up little space in a car trunk.
  • Thanks to its transport bag with large straps, it can be worn as a backpack and allows hands free to take care of baby.  
  • Light and handy, it can be transported everywhere even when open.  
  • Its sleek design is suitable for any interior.
  • Its integrated mosquito net protects baby from insects during outdoor naps.
  • With its accessories, roof of bed, garland, and very comfortable plaid, it turns into a playground for the greatest happiness of children.

The Naos travel bed is an innovative product, which in addition to its practicality is comfortable thanks to its mattresses: Naos Original or Naos Air, available soon. It will quickly become an essential product to complete your range of childcare or sports, intended for families. Are you convinced that the Naos crib has many advantages and you want to enrich your product catalog?

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The Naos folding baby bed is also the ideal bed for hotels to appeal to families: 

Its installation is a breeze:
With the Naos travel cot save time and storage space: 

  • Compact, it is very practical to store for a hotelier
  • Lightweight, it reduces the risk of MSDs and preserves the health of your employees 
  • Practical, it unfolds and stores in less than 1 minute
  • Lightweight, it can be easily moved when opened in the hotel room for recoating
  • Comfortable with its memory foam mattress
  • Clever, its opening on the side allows it to be transformed into a park
  • Chic and trendy, it will match the decoration of your rooms Consult our brochure here  PDF insert brochure on this word